Autumn Stay reigns from Austin, TX and ranges from the heaviest of heavy to the glitchiest of electronica. We have been together since 2011 and since then we have played alongside bands like Saliva, Stitched Up Heart, Drowning Pool, Heaven Below and many others.

Autumn Stay has teamed up with multiplatinum awarded producer Kevin ‘131’ Gutierrez of Assembly Line Studios. Kevin has worked with everyone from Sir Paul McCartney to Shinedown. Kevin is a master of his craft, and is continually pushing and challenging us to be bigger and better than before.


Dani Blizzard is the founder and front woman for Autumn Stay. Forming the band in 2011, she’s performed hundreds of shows since while touring all around the US. She is currently working alongside Kevin “131” Gutierrez on the next album. During the time not in the studio, she streams games on Twitch full time for fans of the band, new and old. Dani is also a makeup artist, going full force with bold looks and goes live every week on TikTok to reach out to others to share her technique of applying makeup.


Stephen Douglas is best known as the guitarist for Autumn Stay, specializing in writing and assisting with behind-the-scenes work. He has been a part of Autumn Stay since 2012, and has helped release all music written since. He is currently the second-longest tenured member of Autumn Stay, behind Dani Blizzard. He has played guitar since 2007 when the Guitar Hero phenomenon inspired him to learn how to play the real thing. Stephen has numerous hobbies including video games, sports, and spending time around the house with his cats and dogs to name a few.